HQST 100 Watt 12 Volt Flexible MonoCrystalline Solar Panel

Model: 100W 12V Flexible MonoCrystalline

Traditional solar panels are rigid and often enclosed in tempered glass. The Hqst 100W Flexible Solar Panel is anything but traditional. Perfect for marine use or placement on top of a van or vehicle, the Hqst 100W Lightweight Solar Panel is thin and capable of flexing up to 248 degrees. At 4 pounds, this flexible solar panel weighs only a quarter of its traditional 100W counterpart. Highly flexible, this lightweight panel can easily be installed on curved surfaces. This panel can also be used for other various applications, including providing power on a boat or teardrop trailer.

This panel is capable of meeting a wide range of applications where standard panels can be inconvenient to mount, such as on the curved roof of an airstream. Thanks to advanced polymer materials, this product weighs 70% less than conventional solar panels, making transportation and installation a breeze. Rigorously tested, the 100W panel was designed to withstand extreme wind of up to 2400 Pa and snow loads of up to 5400 Pa.

40 x 20.35 x 0.02 inches







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