With over ten years of experience in solar, Newpowa is an American leading brand in off-grid solar applications. We are born to be renewable and know the value of solar energy. By utilizing industrial cutting-edge technology, we offer the most advanced solar products to generate enough power and electricity for use in daily applications.

Newpowa Rigid Solar Panels

Newpowa carries a full line of rigid solar panels ranging from 5Watt to 200Watts in both Poly and Mono cells. All rigid panels are made with high efficiency solar cells, durable TPT back sheet, heavy duty frames, and pre-drilled frames for easy mounting.

Product Features

Product Efficiency

High performance cells encapsulated in EVA (ethylene-vinyl-acetate).

Easy Installation

Heavy-duty anodized frame with pre-drilled holes for mounting.


2 year limited material and workmanship warranty.

10 year 90% output warranty.

25 year 80% output warranty.

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